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Psychobabble and AA Principles

Accusing others of psychobabble at an AA meeting is often a way of avoiding the deeper layers of our own behaviors. It can also be a defense against emotional honesty by hiding behind the literature of AA.

Connect to the Energy – Of Your Breath

Connecting to your breath is a valuable resource we all have but we overlook! Feel more energized yet calmer. It’s very easy to do and you can do it anywhere!

Live Your Life Journey With Happiness and Peace

Life is short, therefore finding happiness and peace on the journey of life is crucial to live life to the fullest. How do you find happiness and peace on a daily basis to live your life to the fullest? Many of us are searching for happiness and peace and we are all searching consciously or unconsciously in life.

Why Am I Here

I sat in church a couple of months ago, and a young man, during his address, said these astounding words, ‘why am I here,’ is the most frequently asked question in Google Search Engine, and at the time, I just thought, ‘how sad’. Then I remembered that when I was young, that was true of me, even though I had had a church upbringing. Why are so many scientists adamant that God doesn’t exist, that life began with a ‘big bang’ but every time they speak of the ‘universe’ they are unwittingly speaking of God. Uni means one, and universe means one verse, ‘in the beginning God’ from the first verse in the Bible.

What To Have Faith In To Command Victory Today

Everybody exercises faith at different levels, on different occasions and in different things. What you have faith in determines what answer or result you get. There is hierarchy in powers and authority. To command victory today, you need to exercise faith in the highest authority. This article gives the highest hierarchy to believe in.

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