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You Can’t Find God, He Isn’t Lost

Many people go on a personal quest to find God. Yet, how can you find something that isn’t lost. The realization that you are the lost one, will aid in your search for spiritual fulfillment.

A House in the Heavens

Thoughts of heaven soothe the psyche because there is a hope ahead we can’t quite grasp. It will be truly wondrous compared with how we can imagine it. The perfect community, heaven will feature the absence of any form of sin. There we will be completely safe, completely free, and completely whole.

How to Find the Strength to Believe in Your Abilities Again

You thought you were successful once in your life. Now you are wondering where your ability to succeed has gone. It seems that it has left you. And you want to find again this ability to succeed. It has always been there but you need the strength to believe in your abilities again. This article hopefully will tell you how you can find this strength.

Are You a Flirt?

Have you ever been just walking down the street and noticed someone staring right at you? You know, the kind of stare that goes right through you, but in a good way.

Jesus’ Greatest Conversion Story

Oh, the majesty of God to convert a sinner convinced of their righteousness to the Righteousness made self-evident in the light of their sin. They fall before their holy God! This is the story of a man, Saul, who became Paul.

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