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Death and Transition

Learn about the process of “deathing” (assisting a person to transition from physical body to life on the other side) as told by medium and intuitive, Danielle Garcia. Allow these words and events to bring you comfort and shine the light on what happens when we die. Death is not something to fear. It is a natural occurrence that can be viewed in a positive perspective. See death through the eyes of someone who assists people on their journey home.

Come Into His Presence

God enjoys our presence and we should enjoy coming into His presence. We should be the ones wiggling ever morning as we wake up to His mercy and grace. Remember God’s mercy and grace are fresh and new each morning. When God opens the door to each day greet Him with praise and thanksgiving. He has blessed you with one more day on earth.

The Physiology of Consciousness

The relationship between the creator and the creation is expressed in the minutest atom or the greatest universe. So when the flower, your pet, or best friend dies, celebrate for they are becoming potentiality in order to return to creation. As you awaken, there will no longer be sadness or the feeling of loss for you will stand at a place of beingness that comprehends both worlds.

How To Achieve Enlightenment Without Meditation

Often people tend to believe that in order to become enlightened or to have an awakening (the end of suffering) during the journey of their life they need to meditate as part of becoming enlightened. Well, this is a false assumption and here’s why. Lets’ look first at the bigger picture of life, why are you here?

God’s Grace Is Abounding – When We Are Forgiven Already

Recalling visions from the Lord, I correspond with the sentiment above; one such time, in seeking forgiveness, I had the compelling revelation that the face of Jesus looked at me in bemusement – why should I be seeking forgiveness when my repentance had already redeemed it? God’s abounding grace is like that; the redemptive act is lightning quick, even present eternally. It may be seen as an undercurrent through life wherever penitence, the attitude of remorse, is fervent and prevailing.

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