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Do You Think Church Is Boring?

I was reading one of the small local municipal papers this morning.Β This paper covers my neighborhood and the local beaches here in my town.

Believing the Gospel Requires Repentance

When you repent and believe the gospel you enter into a new life in Christ Jesus. Your old lifestyle of rebellion against God and man is exchanged for a lifestyle that loves God completely and loves your neighbor as yourself. This article is a step by step guide to knowing God through a loving, personal relationship with Him.

Welcoming “Monsters” Into Your Life

Not all monsters are the furry, scary kind. Some are something like the “good angels” the nuns used to tell us about. They call us to greatness and remind us of our dignity as children of God. They are our counselors, our conscience and our life-changers.

Faith Centered Leadership – Forgetfulness and Fruitfulness

Think of a time when you had an experience that was so negative that you wanted to just forget about it. Unfortunately, you couldn’t and now that experience lives on with you and defines your present life. You can’t seem to find a way to shake it. But if you’re going to move forward into the wonderful future that God has planned for you, you must forget, let it go, and instead focus on the fruitfulness of your future with Him.

Have Faith in God Today

Ask someone else about the power of God. If you want to know if God heals ask someone who has been healed. If you want to know if God delivers people from addiction, ask someone who was a slave to drugs and alcohol and today they are free. Hey, I was one of those alcoholics with no hope but today and for years now I have been free. You gotta read this today.

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