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Living By Salvation’s Light

It bears considering, salvation has not rectified the desires of the flesh, and a conscious effort by believers to put on Christ is ordered so that we might live according to the promise. This is a commitment to live the new way each and every day, until the Day. Putting on Christ is striving to live like the person of Jesus.

Upholding the Sacredness of Life

Being in the lap of the will of God is a state of human destiny both elusive yet captivating. We are destined, due to the Fall, to struggle to achieve it, nonetheless we cannot escape the drive to actualise ourselves in a moral universe.

Mystical Gods – Thoth Is the God of Wisdom and the Written Word

The Mystical Egyptian God Thoth is also known as Tehuti, which means action. This Mystical God created the measurement of time into cycles or cyclical time. Thoth is the record-keeper, having created the word which became language.

The Power Of Soul Readings

We live on this earth in a body of flesh and blood but our body is not who we really are. The body is a shell, like when the hermit crab crawls into shells to use until they outgrow their shell. We are given this shell at birth and we use it until it is time for our soul to travel to another plane of reality and at that point we leave this body behind and travel on without it.

The Potency Of One On One Medium Readings

Face to face medium readings allow you to be in the room with the gifted soul that is receiving the premonitions concerning your life. You can feel the excitement and the energy flowing from the person that is doing the reading. You can feel connected with them and with the spirits they may be in contact with.

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