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Religion Vs Spirituality

In the world as it is currently, there is great turmoil between various belief systems: atheism, various religious groupings and spirituality. Spirituality should not be confused with spiritualism, which has a strong, if even an unconventional, religious bias. There is a perceived conflict between religion and spirituality, although this is more on the part of religionists, whatever the creed.

3 Secrets To a Happy Life

One of the questions I keep hearing in my workshops is, “how do I live a happy life and enjoy the journey and what does it mean?” Living a happy life is something we all want, yet so few of us are able to live happily continuously. During the journey of our life when we look at other people and they smile, we tend to believe that they are happy because they smile.

How To Let Go Of Negative Emotions

During the journey of life we often have experiences when someone hurts us verbally, or we encounter negative experiences which we are unable to process. These negative experiences create negative emotions within us and resides with us during the journey of our lives. Often they cause us suffering and we feel stuck.

Faith – Myth or Real?

What is Faith and why is it important to develop? Faith is “to trust,” to trust in the unknown, to trust in the unexplainable, to trust in that which cannot be seen, to trust in life itself. The ability to allow things to happen with the belief that all things will work out well, to allow nature to go its own course.

3 Easy Steps To Become More Spiritual

Spirituality is a big word but an easy practice if you take small steps. Often people are very busy in their day-to-day work that they forget the time to nurture their inner self and be or become more spiritual. Here are 3 ways you can enrich your spiritual self:

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