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Keys to Successful Missionary Work

A missionary is one that is sent or sponsored to a foreign region to execute religious, educational or medical work. This is a very demanding undertaking that requires proper planning, training and mental readiness to be successful. This could be accomplished in many types of arrangements. You could join Christian missionary alliances, the Peace Corps, Christian medical services and other well-defined organizations depending on your field of calling.

Baptism From Apostolic Practice

Christian baptism has been fraught with many opinions, traditions and methods. Actually it’s one of the most controversial subjects in theology. Recognizing the magnitude of this subject, my intent here is to bring the apostolic practice of baptism to the forefront. In the future we’ll look at other aspects of believers’ baptism. What is the meaning, significance and purpose of baptism? It’s important to answer these questions with the insights from God’s word and not our contending opinions. I’ve learned over the years to be silent and accept God’s word when it’s very clear on any subject.

Is Heaven Real?

Where did all this come from? Who made all this, if at all? Is there really a God? And if there is, who is he, and where is he? Is heaven a real place, and if so, what about hell? If God is real, then what does that mean for us?

Psalm 110 – Hail The Priest King

It could very well be the king of Psalms; it is every bit messianic and a piece of Scripture that calls long past David to, in fact, Jesus. It is the most quoted and referred-to psalm in the New Testament. This Psalm combines two key parts of the Threefold Office of the Lord Jesus Christ: the roles of Priest and King are conjointly affixed in divine prophecy. (The other part of the Threefold Office is Jesus’ role as Prophet.)

Does The Bible Teach The Immortality Of The Soul And Eternal Torment

There is a confusing teaching that man will receive eternal life. Man will never have eternal life, but he can receive everlasting life.

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