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Encountering God

That there is a system in place to check, and control, our way in this world, and that no one is beyond such a system, reveals a divine order sacrosanct to life itself. We are here, at this time, in this place, by no accident.

The Nearness of God

Could it be we’re making the search more onerous than it needs to be? Our Lord hides in such a way so as to be found by those who earnestly seek him; he remains hidden to all others.

More Than Conquerors Through Christ

In a supreme victory the victor gains ground forever indisputable. They have rights permanently fixed. There is peace to the defined requirements of their need. And there is also much safety – the full realisation of hope, notwithstanding any imagined or actual threat. This describes the Kingdom: the kingdom of God.

The Receptivity of Worship

Our highest calling is the worship of the living God – in Spirit and in truth – such that we might not simply give our Lord blessings of praise and thanksgiving, but that we may receive his abundance of grace, to every walk of life that amounts to our being. Yet, there is much confusion regarding motive for worship; we may desire deeply within us to give back to God, but unless we are prepared to receive, our worship will be pointless. We will have nothing to give if we cannot receive.

No Eye Has Seen, Nor Ear Heard

Dwight L. Moody once preached a sermon entitled, “Hell,” where he related the illustration of a man many times so close to salvation, yet he died resigned to the fact he was going to hell; that he was beyond saving. Nothing the famous pastor could do would change his mind for accepting Christ. The fear that his peers may have laughed at him for becoming Christian was this man’s perennial stumbling block. He desperately wanted Christ, but the approval of men, more. What has frustrated evangelists the world over is, some can never quite see, nor hear, nor conceive what God has prepared for them – the gift of knowledge of the Spirit of God – A Simple Gift.

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