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Journaling for the Christian – 5 Simple Steps

Use your thoughts, reflections, and creativity to be actively contemplative in your journey towards abundant life. Here are 5 simple steps you can use to journal. This will help you to personalize scripture on your heart and in your life. With scripture as a foundation, find out what God is really saying to you.

Journaling for the Christian – Discover the Authentic You That God Created You to Be

To find your true authenticity is exhilarating and liberating. Journaling will assist you in becoming the authentic person that God has created you to be.

Headship of Christ Seen in His Spiritual Government

Many people today are confused by what we mean when we share with them about His spiritual government. This is not because the Headship of Christ is confusing but because of the 2,000 years of false doctrines being sown by false prophets and teachers who have not fed the flock with wholesome bread from above in grace and truth but instead with soil, rocks, wood, hay, and stubble. God has always raised up stewards of His holy knowledge in truth to instruct the people in His righteousness as concerning His Kingdom and plan which centers upon Christ….

Journaling for the Christian – Discover Abundant Opportunities

Being concrete about your Christian journey will help you to identify and use the right journaling tools and scripture to maximize your prayer time. It will take some practice but once you develop the habit you will be amazed at the immediate results you will achieve.

Following God’s Leading (Part One)

One of the reasons why many Christians are stranded today is because they’ve spent all their life following their mind. Discover how you can live a fulfilled life by following God’s leading.

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