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Secrets From the Night

For the past thirty years I have been faithful to the insight of my dreams. They have been my inspiration and have guided me to listen to what is important. When I explore the images of what is happening in my dream, I see that there is a new, empowering energy wanting to emerge.

Recapturing The Simple Joy Of Living With Christ

When the rich young man asked Jesus what he was to do to be saved, he did not like the answer. Usually the one thing that stops us from claiming full spiritual joy and oneness with the Lord, is the thing that we are most reluctant to give up. For celebrities, it is their fame.

The Book Of Genesis – The Book of Beginnings

The book of Genesis is the book of beginnings. Genesis means beginnings. In Genesis we have the first of many: creation, the first man and woman, the first marriage, the first languages, tribes, industry, inventions, the Hebrew nation and more. But as we begin to walk through the book of Genesis we are going to be asking many questions that will test our faith. Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith “is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. And in that definition we come to a fork in the road of life and ponder a reality that we are all faced with: death. Everyone dies. There is no escape from death. So knowing that we are all going to die then inevitably we all have hope in something.

Are You Learning Genuine Tantra?

Because the secrets of tantra are only transferred from one generation of genuine tantric sages to the next, they are not openly available in the public domain. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of charlatans who poach on people’s ignorance and gullibility.

Contacting Spirits – How to Communicate With Dead People

Contacting spirits or communicating with dead people is not as difficult or complicated or costly as most of us think. It can be a normal activity. It is not sinful. Here you will learn the three simple steps I take to talk with spirits or dead people. You can also take these steps and discover a new dimension in your life.

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