Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 768? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 768 😬

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Spiritual Warfare – What to Do When Your Marriage Comes Under Attack

Are you facing a spiritual attack in your marriage? Learn how to combat these attacks with effective spiritual warfare for your marriage.

Honor the Streams of Your Soul: Express More of Who You Are in Life and Business

What are the streams of my soul that call out for expression? How will I share these soul streams with the world? The best way to build a life and business that you love is to come from a place of purpose and authenticity.

Dealing With the Sensitivity of Children

Children are much more in tune with energy than most of us give them credit for. How should a parent or teacher respond when a child speaks of past life memories or seeing spirits? Medium, Danielle Garcia, offers advice and her perspective on sensitive children.

Hold Onto The Quran

Peace of mind is very elusive in these times when the primary focus of people has become the pursuit of worldly desires. Our purpose in life is much higher than simply worrying about food and pleasure. We need to rise above our animal instincts to achieve the full potential our Creator gifted us with. We can achieve this potential through reading, understanding, and implementing the wisdom in the Quran.

Bible Answers to Giving

Genesis begins with a giving God who brought light into darkness such that life will be possible in the earth in his creative order. We’ll look at those important questions relating to giving in the scriptures as we progress. One of the strongest themes in the Bible is giving.

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