Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 769? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 769 😬

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Solving This World’s Problems

What’s wrong with the world today? Plenty, but at the root is one fundamental issue and one fundamental answer…

Why It’s Dangerous Not To Listen To Your Intuition

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine took the subway in China on the way to work. After a few subway stops he suddenly got the feeling that he should get off the train. The feeling became stronger and stronger each time the doors opened at a new station.

Temptation – Go For It Or Not?

Often we are tempted in life by external circumstances to search for instant gratification, to search for the pleasure and the excitement. For example that extra bar of chocolate in the evening, or even cheating on another person for personal gain. But do we need to go for the temptation or not and what is the impact?

Angels – Cassiel Is The Angel of Serenity and Temperance

Serenity is defined as a state of mind which allows the flow of energy to be free from becoming blocked or stagnant. Temperance is managing your thoughts, emotions and actions. Cassiel’s energy is soft and subtle yet powerful, calming your Spirit and your energy.

Revival – What Is That?

There hasn’t been a national revival since the Great Revival, over 150 years ago. The major impediment has been reliance on the methods and means of man. Professionalism, performance and an over-emphasis on human leadership and achievement have supplanted reliance on the Holy Spirit and the unadulterated Word of God.

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