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Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer – Most everyone is familiar with or have at least heard of the Serenity Prayer. It has been with us for many years in one form or another. The words have special meaning to those of us who are looking for peace, especially in those difficult times in our lives.

Life Is a Mountain, I Have Looked to The Other Side!

Life is a mountain, at times treacherous and dangerous, we get bruised and cut by the sharp rocks. The slope is long and steep, so we get discouraged and exhausted and need a guide to help us with our journey. At times we loose all hope, asking ourselves, why did I attempt such a journey, what use is it? Will we return to the desert? God created us for such a journey, that we will be victorious and help others over the summit, to the Promised Land.

This Sets People Apart But Also Gives Them Such Assurance When They Discover They Are Misfits

It is astonishing to think that all this is being written by a Galilean fisherman who tried to divert Jesus Christ and put him off from going to the Cross. Peter’s role as a leader is very specific and most positive, and so essential in these present critical times, when persecution is increasing, globally, and no matter where we live and work and serve, we need leaders who lead with light and wisdom and integrity. Here is leadership and light for increasingly dark days. Peter teaches that we are sprinkled by the blood. This is what makes us different too. This is what makes us distinct, and unique, and this is what makes us brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Lord’s Blessings

Growing up in church I don’t remember one single message about being blessed by God. Now, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t preached but I can’t remember ever hearing a message on the blessings from God. Maybe you are like me and need to know more about the blessing of the lord.

The Secrets of the Seen

All secrets can be seen. The universe may be mysterious, mystical and magical, but it is not a mystery. The answers are evident, the clues are present and the path is made clear.

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