Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 771? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 771 😬

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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1 Reliable Way To Hinder Your Walk With Jesus

Think about this: To grow in our faith we need to be on a mission: a mission of pursuing the reality of knowing Jesus and growing in Him… From deep within. And why do we want to make this happen? Answer: In order that in the best of our ability we may follow Jesus from the inside out.

How Science and Spirituality Can Work in Your Favor

Did you know that you can change your brain chemistry, making your mind work in your favor? In fact, you can change your whole life by learning how science and spirituality work together. We can actually liberate negative emotion right out of our bodies.

Talk Is Cheap and Prayer Is Priceless

Before I get started this morning, I just want to take one second and thank all of the people in the world who at one time or another have said a prayer for me. You know who you are, family, friends, complete strangers, yea- you guys, all of you, thank you so much.

Been Out of Your Body Lately?

The answer could surprise you. Dr. Chris Roe places a pair of enormous fluffy earphones over the head of a blonde 20-year-old woman. He slices a ping-pong ball in half, then tapes a piece over each of her eyes. Roe turns on a red light that will not disturb the woman’s vision, and leaves the room.

The Courage of Presence

Much of humanity romanticises or glamorises what is to come. For many human beings it is of far greater interest to consider what is to come than to be fully engaged with what is. And so as we begin here suggesting to you that we are mightily pleased and full of excitement, we are not referring to the future, we are referring that which already exists now and here.

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