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Psalm 66 – God Has Listened To, And Answered, Prayer

To the redemptive genre this psalm belongs. The exhilarated mood of the psalmist ripples throughout as they consider what they’ve been brought through. Proof of God is never more poignant than through the answering of prayer – especially that which is bellowed from the depths of Sheol.

What to Do If You’re Dumped – A Spiritual Approach

Almost everyone has been dumped at some point. There are magical techniques you can do to minimize the pain, not cause any negative karma, and if it’s destined, possibly repair your relationship.

How You Can Attain Oneness in Meditation

To realize oneness in meditation, first we start with the breath, just to help bring us into this moment. So notice your breathing. Allow yourself to breathe.

Mystical God – Horus Is the Mystical God of Clear Seeing

Horus is the Mystical God of strength and Divine Justice. Horus is able to see with precise, clear seeing both the dawn and the setting of the same day. The Eye of Horus, the all-seeing eye, symbolizes protection from that which cannot be seen with physical sight.

Your Personal Space – Where Did That Phrase Come From?

How can we preach or show the love of Jesus if we never allow ourselves to get close to anyone? How can we NOT hug an orphaned child or a widowed mother? How can we NOT touch people who are hurting or need a gentle hand to hold for support? What a silly notion to think that we need personal space. That certainly sounds like a lie from Satan to help us be selfish.

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