Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 7777? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 7777 😬

Do You Feel Alone, Even In Church?

If you’re yearning to get closer to God, there are certain definite principles from the Bible you should live by. Your relationship with God determines how vibrant your life can become. If your motives are pure and your heart is sensitive, everything can change in your life.

Four Corners of Human Need

INBUILT WITHIN our humanity is the need to be right, happy, prosperous, and free. Our spirits are hardwired these four ways and we defeat only ourselves if we deny these spiritual urges. If we want to be right, we need to be honest. If we want to be happy, we need to have courage. If we want to be prosperous, we need to be diligent. If we want to be free, we need to let go.

Creating With The Universal Law of ACTION

The Law of Attraction is an amazing Universal Truth, ancient in its roots but made popular again with a rush of material in popular media. The basic idea is that you have the power to set your intentions about what you want in life and then attract it to you via focused thought. While many people have had initial success with this concept, there seemed to be something missing from the equation.

Empowered Living and Your Critical Self

Empowered living is the conscious decision you make to live for your possibilities instead of your self-perceived limitations. It is the ability to move forward, towards your goals and desired outcomes, not letting distractions derail you. How does one live an empowered life?

Tarot Cards – What the Fool and the Magician Mean

The Fool and the Magician are the two first cards on a traditional Tarot deck, numbered respectively 0 and 1. They represent the beginning of the Fool’s Journey, and belong to the Major Arcana Tarot cards. While the Fool stands for beginnings, spontaneity and even folly, the Magician speaks of focus, and how through Will everything is possible, even Magic.

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