Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 798? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 798 😬

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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True Love Is a Choice and Action

Love is a choice and not a feeling. Loving God and others is an action. Are you showing love and taking action.

Catholic Questions – Church Wealth: Why Doesn’t The Church Sell All Their Stuff To Feed The Poor?

After nearly 2000 years, the Church has accreted an impressive collection of art, and many Churches are adorned with lovely items. At a glance, some people find this to be out of line with Christ’s command to feed the poor, and the injunction he gives to the rich young man to sell what he has and give it to the poor. These are more easily reconcilable than some might imagine.

Success Foundation – An Attitude of Praise and Thanksgiving for a Prosperous New Year

The height of a building is determined by its foundation. Also, how prosperous a year turns out is largely determined by its starting point. When you start well and continue in the same, your end shall surely be successful. And one way to start well is by imbibing the attitude of praise and thanksgiving.

Angel Readings – What to Expect

Angel readings are psychic readings that answer your questions through the guidance and wisdom of your angels. The higher wisdom of your angels will leave you feeling loved and respected on your path. You will receive answers about your personal or business life, your personal health, or your deceased loved ones.

Psalm 65 – Song of Joy for God’s Blessings

Psalms like this brighten our darkest mood. They furnish the soul with life-giving buoyancy when otherwise we are sinking. They engage our hearts for passion and joy, replacing dolour and numbness, even for one relieving moment. God speaks through them, singing to our hearts: the Song of Salvation.

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