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Isaiah 11 – The Peaceful Kingdom

This particular offering from Isaiah – the eleventh chapter – is no period piece of its own exclusive right, despite the melody of hope it would have rung for the Remnant. The Assyrian invasion would sweep through the land, but the remnant of Israel would be born again of salvation: the hope out of a branch; a new branch – the stump of Jesse – from which the Messiah would come.

What Happens After Death

Discover what truly happens after death. This article reveals what happens to a soul when it passes over, including what happens to a soul who suicides or is very negative, and what happens to a soul who has run out of time to walk the path of love and forgiveness.

The Words We Speak – Life and Death

Self fulfilling prophecy is real. If you wake up in the morning saying this is going to be a horrible day then you can bet it will be a horrible day. What you say comes out of your belief system. The bibles says that out of the abundance of the heart my speaks.

The Spirit’s Motivating Voice

The Spiritual Voice of the LORD: Otherwise a force that convicts us to act; any action besides the action convicted by the Spirit is probably forlorn because willpower without God’s Power promises much but in the end delivers little. The Spirit’s motivating Voice is generally inaudible other than what might be heard as a canticle to our hearts.

What Is Your Perspective of God and His Blessings?

God blesses us with our desires. Sometimes we don’t realize it because it is not exactly how we pictures it.

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