Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 813? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 813 😬

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Mercury Retrograde: How Do You Handle It?

Life has its cycles and definite ups and downs, but the master holds to the internal truths of love and the higher vibrations of human emotions, and is not taken on the roller coaster of emotions from exterior circumstances. Retrograde means backwards but there is no real backwards movement of Mercury. We see it as backwards from the Earth because of the combined movement of the Earth and Mercury around the Sun. The impact is very relevant astrologically when this happens.

Spiritual Growth and Development: A Means of Personal Development in Becoming a True Human Being

The spiritual growth and development of an individual is a means of personal development in becoming a true human being. In many ways, this is why we all come to be here on this planet. I want to challenge each and every one of my readers to expand or enlarge the beliefs that they do carry within their psychological make-ups which represent the boundaries or limits of their possible life experiences. After all, how can anyone grow beyond beliefs they hold which surround them like fences if they do not even know they are there?

World Religions and the God Within

Religious dogma is almost beside the point. God is bigger than the dogmas of organized religions. What really matters is that you look on all creation as holy ground and tread on the earth and all of life with reverence…

Beauty Spells To Try

Ah the ever popular, heavily desired and cherished…beauty spells! Although witches can often have a very poor stereotyped image of a gnarled old troll of a woman complete with warts and other awful distortions, nothing could in fact be further than the truth!

The Treasure Chest of Holy Joy

If the LORD truly is our treasure chest of holy joy we shall satisfy ourselves in no other reward than him; having not nearly enough gratitude to give, we do give what we have, and we are pleased to do this. We have nothing to give God apart from our gratitude: Christ is our reward – he, alone, is our bread and drink of life. He is our treasure chest of holy joy.

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