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7 Day Prayer Miracle
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A Quiet Surrender – Jesus’ Peace Is Your Reward

Peace? Does you life reflect peace? Life has many avenues that give you false senses of peace. If you’re well in your body, rich, hold a very successful position on your job or happily in a relationship. Our society has chosen to totally dismiss that God is the giver of all these gifts. If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ the peace you have will make all the above mentioned ones pale in comparison.

Everyday Grace

At the beginning of the day, we experience heaven’s blessings. Though we are often unthankful and unmindful of the everyday graces we receive, yet fortunately we are still recipients of it. Grace still abounds despite of the sin-sick world and humanity’s condition encroached in sinful nature.

The War of the Gods

Now the battlegrounds were set. It was Satan’s children against Jesus Christ’s followers. It was the battle of the gods. It was the fight that would lead people to understand the difference between good and evil; love and hate; truth and lies.

Jesus Christ Did Not Come For Only One Day Of The Year

Jesus Christ did not come for only one day of the year, and that as a baby. He came as the God who created the universe. The God who loved us so much, that He had to make a way to get into the earth and mount the most heroic rescue mission, that has ever, or ever will be undertaken. He knew that only He could bring about, execute, and finish this plan; so that mankind could live again.

4 Step System to Creating Powerful Introductions

When sermon introductions work, they are a pastor’s best friend. When the introduction of a sermon DOES NOT work..

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