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Angels – Angel Zagzagel Will Help You Create Freedom Through Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge

The Angel of Wisdom and Knowledge, Zagzagel, is ready in the moment you seek his guidance. The truth of another is not your truth any more than your truth is the same truth for someone else. As you travel the path before you, be willing to see differently than you have in the past.

Reincarnation, Integration and Human Evolution

This article examines a special type of lifetime known as an “integration lifetime” and its growing role in human evolution. In a “regular” lifetime, people choose one or two things as their focus, attempting to resolve them so as to free themselves from specific karmic ties or continuing influence. Unlike regular lifetimes, “integration lifetimes” attempt to unite and utilize all previous incarnations – assembling them into something far beyond that which has come before. In essence, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Spirituality – 4 Steps to Developing the God-Mind to Transform Your Life

Developing the God-Mind requires a shift in our thinking, a shift in perspective. Because we’ve been trained in the mindset of separation from God, it will take some practice in reprogramming the mind to accept the truth of our divinity so we can enjoy the benefits of our royal heritage.

Are You Walking With Spirit Power?

Walking with Spirit power enables you to change and transform your life. The Great Universal Spirit is Omniscient – all knowing – has all knowledge, Omnipresent – is everywhere and is in everything and is Omnipotent – all power resides in the presence of the Great Eternal Spirit.

Spirituality – Did You Know That Everything Has A Starting Point?

Everything has an origin, has a starting point and this starting point evolves from the intangible realm of divine intelligence, that which is unseen by the physical eyes but governs all life, all that we see. This starting point, the origin and energy of all things have been called many names, the Spirit, God, Jehovah, Jah – different names but the one Great Universal Spirit. And this Great Universal Spirit is governed by love – Unconditional Love.

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