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The Coming of the Age

“Consciousness is the key. Consciousness is the sanctuary. Is rapture a noun or a verb? And is the same true with ascension? Or perhaps both?”

Past Life Relationship: 5 Signs

Are past life connections influencing your current relationship? Here are five signs that point to yes.

Stopping Spiritual Attacks

When people contact me for psychic services, I’m never sure what is going to come up. A few months ago a lady, who felt that she was being attacked spiritually by a group of people, contacted me. I was able to confirm that this was true. At that point I felt what was most important was protecting this lady spiritually and, as a prayer warrior, going in and fighting against the negative forces using the Divine Light.

Spirituality – Awakening the God-Mind Within You

In order to awaken the God-mind within you, you must first understand and become conscious of your connection to the Great Universal Spirit. You are all God and all God is expressed as you – the God-man or God-woman. Read it again and think about this for a minute. Allow this statement to be absorbed into your subconscious mind. “I am all God and all God is expressed as me.”

2012: The Turning Point

2012 will be a year marked by major turning points in a variety of areas. Furthermore, in 2012 the worldview of the mainstream public regarding humanity’s place in the universe will begin to change. This article discusses what light-workers must be aware of this year, including why reconnecting to your higher self and taking back your power is an essential step in the process.

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