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Sweet Revival of the Soul

Whether we feel abandoned, confused, like a failure, or empty and numb, sweet revival of the soul is but the vision of hope away. Hope believes because it can, especially when all of life is against it. Hope remembers the vision far off and the Presence of God near.

Apostles Today Challenge Religious Passion and Zeal – Apostolic Reform

Many hide behind religious passion and zeal, claiming to have a heart for God. Apostles today challenge this mind-set by reminding the church of the Judas spirit. Judas’ heart seemed to be for evangelism, but he was clearly working with another spirit. The church, as Judas, reduced religion to two categories: evangelism and money. As the Lord returns the church to apostolic oversight, apostles today will challenge the Judas mind-set.

You Don’t Have To Survive

Most times when I watch television and see less privileged Africans speak, all they talk about is survival… “We have to look for something to eat”! Majority of them ALWAYS talk about looking for something to eat. I then wonder if that is all there is to life… what to eat.

He Loved Me Still

At the moment in life when a boy feels himself becoming a man I began to ask the earnest questions in life. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? I sought answers in all the wrong places.

You – The Gatekeeper of Your Life

You are the gatekeeper of your life. You’ve been empowered by the Great Universal Spirit to make choices, to choose what you desire your life to be. However, you are not alone in this creative process. You have at your disposal all of the universal power and energy working together as agents on your behalf to materialize your desire.

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