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Champions of Evil

What is evil anyway? Why does it permeate our society so thoroughly? Who are these pseudo experts selling us moral depravity disquised as freedom? What is behind the so called sexual revolution?

What Is Shamanic Witchcraft? Your Guide to Understanding How It Works

Many people ask me to tell them more about Shamanic Witchcraft and how it works. I’ve been a public practitioner of Shamanic Witchcraft for years and I still find this such a big question! I’ll do my best to shed some light, all grace, please, as these ancient ways of making the unmanifest manifest aren’t easy to explain. Shamanic Witchcraft, by my definition, is a blending of earth based practices. Shamanic Witchcraft, like all magick, is about liberation, independence and empowerment, the things that set Shamanic Witchcraft apart from other modalities are the tools used and the initiation rights of passage.

How To Discover the Truth

Truth is always hidden from us when we are “wise and all-knowing.” Truth is only revealed to us when we become like children — curious, trusting, open-minded and ready to learn.

The Reason You Are Alive and What That Has To Do With Meaning and Happiness

Why am I alive? That is the question that everyone asks sometime and in some form in their lifetimes. Here is an answer and its relationship to meaning and happiness.

The Meaning of Life: Living One’s Life on Purpose

The life that one finds themselves with is the life that in one way or another, they have “chosen;” even if in ways in which he or she does not presently understand. The experiences and conditions of the lifetime are of one’s own “creation.” Quite often, this “choosing” is more from an unconscious space than conscious awareness; life does not have to be this way.

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