Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 819? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 819 😬

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Distractions: Don’t Let Distractions Cause You to Miss Your Blessings

People often wonder “why didn’t God help me?” “why didn’t God answer me?” “Where was God when I needed him?” Often the answer to these questions is that we allowed ourselves to become distracted.

Is It Reasonable To Fear Death?

If there is even one finalising fear within a human being it is fear of death; so awesome a reality, no end of reflection will demystify it… fear of death manifests itself in so many ways, from the pain we might suffer, to uncertainty over eternity, to the finish of our lives, amongst a plethora of others. But, do we have anything to FEAR regarding death?

A New Hope for Today

Whether we feel bowed down and burdened by the challenges of life, or stooped over by guilt or shame, David’s Psalm 145 assures us that there is a promise of new hope for each day when we come to the Lord. Be released and refreshed. Someone needs what you can offer.

Apostles Today – Unclean Sounds – Apostolic Reform

Have you ever seen a bunch of people on the dance floor doing their own thing? That describes the church perfectly. In fact its more fitting to say that each Christian is carrying their own doctrinal boom-box. God is not happy. This is not Christianity. This is independence from God. It is time to again to walk in cadence with God as responsible Christians. True Apostles today carry the calling to return the church to the true doctrine of Christ. Music is the heart is doctrine is to faith. If your doctrine is in error your faith will not allow you to walk with you—you will be walking alone. Learn why today’s apologetics as the Pharisees of old are losing ground.

The Akashic Records – Your Personal Soul Library

The Akashic Record is your individual personal library of your soul’s journey through time. We have the possibility of unblocking all the areas of our lives where we might feel stuck from moving forward, by consulting them. Whether that relates to our relationships, our life calling or finances, the opportunity is there to access the information needed and your soul’s path this lifetime!

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