Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 820? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 820 😬

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Ascended Masters – What Is An Ascended Master?

An Ascended Master is, in the esoteric Metaphysical term, a human who has resolved all past issues and memories. Ascension in its simplest form means to rise above, purifying your mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual energy bodies, Transcendence is the attaining of ascension in its highest form, crossing over into the Etheric Plane.

2012 – Star Wars Meets Star Trek Meets Twilight Zone Meets Spy Novel

2012 – Is it the end or the beginning? Our whole world is becoming a mirror. What you wish on someone else will be reflected back to you. Because our so-called “time” is speeding up in frequency your karma will come back faster. The evil you do will be facing you much sooner.

An Illumination or an Interruption?

My grandkids are great but every once in a while I notice that I call their names not once or twice but three times and they don’t seem to hear me. I think that’s called selective hearing. Not only is it irritating but also disrespectful! Then I remember myself in similar situations and ask, Am I any different? Does God ever call my name and I’m not listening?

Connecting to the Higher Self – Spiritual Guidance For 2012

What can we expect from the long-awaited 2012, and how should we approach the events that this year has in store for all of us? Let the Tarot give you insight and guidance for the months ahead.

Is It Possible To Have A Continuing Dream Friend or Dream Romance?

This article explains the possibility of having an actual dream friend that you meet on a reoccurring basis, or a dream love affair. It points out the difference in the dream experience and the Out Of Body experience. It is entirely possible to meet an independent personality and fall in love in an Out Of Body experience, but all persons that appear in dreams are hallucinated images.

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