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Epiphany in the Silence

The greatest growths in our awareness happen within the silence. Some use meditation. Some go there in the twilight area between sleep and wakefulness. Still others, get there while daydreaming at a window.

Spirit Guides and Whispers – Part 2

The events I wrote about in Part 1 all happened when I first began my journey into awareness, and just before my spirit guide, Dinahh, came into my life. After I met Dinahh, I assumed he had been behind all of those things, sort of to “announce” his coming presence. Boy was I wrong.

A Vision of Souls

“The best thing about sleep is that fleeting moment when you are just between asleep and awake. There, you can talk with the universe. There, you can fly away to the stars. There, anything, everything, is possible.”

Spirit Guides and Whispers – Part 1

Dinahh has brought so much peace, since he first appeared in my life a year ago. His guidance has opened doors and bridged my gradual, growing awareness. He’s allowed me to see that everything is as it should be and I’m normal.

A Strange Vision of Birds

I will share a very strange dream/vision I had, not long after Dinahh first appeared to me. It was strangely cryptic and I’m sure it was intended by the universe to be symbolic with a profound message, but it was so different from my other dreams that I truthfully didn’t know what to make of it. After the dream/vision, Dinahh spoke to me.

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