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Apostles Today – Reformation Theology – The New Apostolic Reformation

We are living history! Reflections on reformation theology, the new apostolic reformation, and the need for apostles today. While the church cries out in frustration against the need for apostles today and false apostles are busy trying to fulfill the vision, placing their own interpretation upon the calling of apostle, God is busy identifying the real calling of apostle. Learn what do Korah and Diotrephes have in common and why God uses them as negative role models. While false apostles foster an appreciation for the need for reform, true apostles are busy bringing reform.

The Aquarian Age Definition of “Change”

Now that we have entered the Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics we need to define all the important words in our life. We can no longer use the old out of date Piscean meanings.

Spiritual Expansion – What Are Mystical Gods and Goddesses?

As with all things, legends of Creation have stood the test of time. Being Mystical is the perception of all experiences and situations through higher levels of consciousness or higher vibrations of mental energy. Mystical Gods and Goddesses are revered Deities from the days of the beginning.

Whispers of Awareness

We’ve all had whispers. You’re probably asking, “What whispers?”

The Dark Night of the Soul – In Today’s World

When St. John of the Cross was imprisoned by the brothers of his own order, he wrote a poem. A two-book long poem called “Dark night of the soul.” It’s a poem about the challenges each of us goes through in our spiritual journey. The first book focuses on the purification of our senses. The second book is about the purification of our Spirits. Here is a real-world look at how that plays out in our daily lives.

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