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Dinahh – Part 1

I’ve written this for those of you who don’t know me. I thought it might be good to tell you how I first met my spirit guide, Dinahh.

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A Lifesaving Whisper

You can hear them, if you listen with your heart. Are you ready to believe in what you hear?

Dinahh – Part 2

With the universe, Everything is as it should be. All things happen when they’re supposed to, because there is no time, only the now.

Discernment in Selecting a Healer or Spiritual Teacher

Today, there is an increased need for truthful, honest healers and teachers, or rather facilitators, with integrity and humility. This is not an era of gurus and followers. This is an era of equals among equals. This is an era of taking the harder step of finding what is true within us and believing in ourselves.

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