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Getting Fit Is Biblical

The Bible is full of real life stories of those who did many great things for God. Stories of Moses tromping through the desert to get to the promise land, Noah building a great and mighty ark, Paul on his missionary journey, David fighting the Philistines, etc. Men and women who did great things for God.

Staying Positive in 2012

The Facebook posts of friends in the groups I belong to communicate very clearly that many are currently at the “end of their rope.” With this article I hope to share some advice for how to stay positive for people who are having a difficult time right now. I include people who consider themselves “creative types,” or even light-workers, as I feel many in this category are going through intense personal crises and hard times right now.

How to Surrender and Trust in Life

It seems our world is fueled by fear. The fear of stock market crashes, recession, terrorists, violence, obesity, heart disease, knife and gun crime, road traffic accidents. The TV, media and newspapers are our modern day “doom mongers”. Phew. It’s not surprising surrender is not a normal state for us. I first glimpsed the enormity of surrender after reading a book by Toni Bentley called “The Surrender”. I remember crying a lot (I cried a lot in the old days). She describes the nature and make up of surrender through a rather “scandalous” theme.

The Dirty V Word

Her title caught my eye, as soon as I saw the word “vulnerability” I wanted to hear Brene Brown’s take on the subject. I grew up in a time when vulnerability was a dirty “v” word associated with only the weak. I had a huge attachment to “not being vulnerable” and built a little castle to protect myself from it. However as many of my beliefs I had held since childhood crumbled, so did this one.

Hope – The Lifeblood to Spiritual Survival

Life could not be a bed of roses always. At times it can be pretty disappointing. Even those who seem to be completely happy suffer profound losses and heartbreaks. Each one of us undergoes a difficult phase in our lives where we tend to feel helpless of the current situation with no hope left for a better tomorrow. However, we need to understand that happiness and sorrow, failure and success, hope and despair are a part of life. These sour and sweet experiences of our lives not just make a better person out of us but we also learn to handle every situation with ease.

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