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The Power of the Spirit Resides in Each of Us

Within each of us resides a spirit power that is as real as anything on the material plane. This spirit power helps us connect to the great Divine, and it guides us on our path in life. We can be open to the spirit power and listen to its wise words, or completely closed to it and never even know it exists. Many people are like this.

What Swedenborg Says About How To Harmonize Feelings, Thoughts And Behaviour

Swedenborg’s ideas are in line with these psychological concepts of affective, cognitive and behavioural function. The three-fold terminology, that permeates all of his writings, reflects this. Together his ideas give a holistic theory – a very modern approach to human problems. By this, I mean his system of thought tackles the whole person – the heart, head and hands of daily living. He writes about good or bad desires of the will, true or false ideas of the understanding and useful or disorderly actions of the body. The feeling, thinking and doing of daily living. His principle that influx adjusts itself according to efflux is relevant to how one can find wholeness and harmony in oneself.

The Treasures of Heaven

We ought to know, each of us is a scribe, by reckoning of Jesus’ intent. The treasures of heaven are inordinately important; they are the meaning, the nexus, of life. If we assert over ourselves the role of scribe – the master of the household, with control over wares – we take on a heavy responsibility, but we’re blessed by a great privilege. The scribe in each of us is serious enough about life to know that heaven is in the redemption of treasure, real treasure, disposed for the blessing of God. Such scribes enter willingly and enthusiastically into their training, knowing they are being equipped to do heavenly work.

Detach From Ego: Live the Life God Designed For You

To live the life that Source/God designed for YOU, detaching from the ego is a must. The acronym for EGO is: Edging God Out. We do this without realizing it. The definition of ego is: The “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, willing and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought. The ego is all about self. For many, the ego is what defines a person for who they perceive themselves to be.

A Supernatural Partnership Part III: Putting Prayer Into Practice

Having looked, in two previous articles, at the problems of prayer and God’s solution to your problems, in this article Dr. John Harbison looks at how to put God’s solutions into practice. Read and see how your prayer life could be impacted by these principles.

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