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Be Careful, Lest the Light in You Be Darkness

What does it mean to shine ones light on another, or to send light to another, or increase the light within oneself? What did Jesus mean when he said, “You are the light of the world”? Can you see the light, feel the light, sense the light? This article may help you understand what this all means and how to access the power of your light within you.

Tips for Balancing Bible Study And Prayer

Leading a Bible study has a number of challenging dynamics for the leader, one of which is finding the best place and time for prayer. There is a delicate balance that occurs between providing a time of prayer while also gently guiding the group back to the study.

My Spiritual Growth

My Spiritual Growth requires the Holy Communion of my Emotional Power, my Mental Authority & my Physical Ability. The personal development of my Self requires me to bring into balance my emotional power, my mental authority and my physical ability to allow the Spiritual Growth of my Soul.

Sing Yourself Home

One way indigenous cultures identified soul loss in a person was that they had stopped singing. The joy they usually showed in their natural state of wholeness was no longer emanating from them. A part or parts of them had fragmented and the result was a lack of joyfulness. Something was immediately done to bring that energy back to the person when another noticed this lack of joy.

He Came Down and The Real Meaning of Christmas

I love Christmas, and I am especially looking forward to it this year because, as some readers of my articles may have deduced, I have been seriously ill and in hospital for three months. At one point it looked as if I wouldn’t make Christmas at all; and then as if I’d still be in hospital over Christmas. So to be out of hospital and at home with the prospect of Christmas before me seems truly wonderful. Of course, for some, Christmas is fundamentally flawed – it has been spoilt, commercialised, and all its true values have been destroyed. These people have a point; but what is the real meaning of Christmas?

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