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Definition of Apostle

As the church awakens to the need of apostles today, ministers are struggling with the definition of “apostle”. What is the original meaning of apostle? How do we place the definition within the proper context? Are definitions being formed from lack of experience? 7 clear-cut definitions for apostle are presented in this paper from an apostle with 30 years experience. Disambiguation helps the reader clarify the differences between true apostles and false apostles. Learn why definitions of “apostle” coming from ministers such as C. Peter Wagner lack depth and meaning. Begin to demand more from the educators of the current Christian culture.

The Primary Odyssey

The LORD says: You have long anticipated this new season I am taking you to, for there have been many false starts when that anticipation went ahead of Me. You have learned to wait in advancing, to retreat upon pride, to know the folly of running off in veiled excitement.

Live Life on Purpose

This article talks about living a life on purpose. A live not lived on purpose often gets filled with meaningless task.

Becoming a Man of God, Again

Christmases are anticipated with trepidation among many a family for a vast range of reasons. I have to admit to that selfsame trepidation as I plan around my unique family dynamics. Indeed, I am part of my own problem. I get anxious about the broken family dynamic and try my best to cover for it – inevitably, I try too hard.

The Secret to Finding Your Passion

In a time when everyone seems to continually get caught up with responsibilities, it always feels like an inadequate time for finding your passion. However, the good news is that any time is the best time to discover your passion! Discover the secret to doing what you love and living out all you life’s desires.

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