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Jesus the Nazarene

This article is about the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. For me he is an example to follow.

Attraction and Manifestation: Moving Beyond Our Current Understanding

Till now, you may have not have even realized how your wants and dreams have been conditioned by dysfunction within the world. Ask yourself what have you manifested in your world? Why have you manifested it? Become aware of the place where your wants and desires originate. Do they originate in Truth and Spirit; or do they originate through what the world tells you to need and want?

The Mystery and Magic of Power Animals

Building a relationship with your power animal is a necessity; it takes time and energy. The journey is one of the most effective ways to make contact with the spirits. The altered state of consciousness in a non-ordinary reality achieved in a journey allows you to transcend the limitations of the rational world with which we are so familiar.

Ego IDed

We all have an ego and yet this ego is holding us back from finding the oneness that we should be seeking. It is the bane of our existence and should be eliminated from our thoughts. It is this ego that separates us from the spirituality that will lead us to peace and serenity.

Chikrar Reiki Do

With reiki’s growing popularity and acceptance among western cultures, there are a variety of training styles and techniques available to learn it. Chikara Reiki Do is a method of reiki training that teaches students how to attune themselves to reiki for the healing and balance of themselves, others.

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