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What To Do With Problems

What’s up? I’m sure a lot. Probably doing some shopping, maybe a lil baking, wrapping up some year end work, wrapping gifts, prepping for a great start to 2012. Good stuff. Glad to hear. Hopefully though, you’re taking some time to enjoy and celebrate this season of Christmas and reflect on a couple of things.

Carried By God’s Constant Grace

An ever-present message that booms silently from the heavens is the faithfulness of God to walk with us, upon every step, through the mire and ecstasy, until this very day, and beyond. The Lord – this Jesus, infused as the Holy Spirit – never leaves us nor forsakes us, no, not ever.

Ascended Master – Master Hilarion Will Help You Access the Divine Healer Within You

Master Hilarion is a gifted healer of mind, body and Spirit. Working with Master Hilarion will open and deepen your connection with Divine Source through your Crown Chakra and through your Third Eye Chakra.

2012: The Year to Believe and Create

What if 2012 is not so much about earth changes, but rather changes within our very core? Could it be time for us to step into bigger shoes? Time to learn to trust in the Unseen. Time to trust in something beside our ego? 2012 will give us all an opportunity to live differently.

On Being In Love With God

God is Love. Whoever lives in love lives in God and God in him.-I Jn 4: 16b When a person is in love, they are engaging with God on a different level. Love has to be both one of the singularly most misunderstood states on the planet, yet the most universally and profoundly grasped concept of humankind.

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