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How To Define A State Of Mystical Awareness?

It is not easy to define what goes on in a person’s mind in a state of heightened consciousness. Many a time, glinting flashes of truth streak in through clouds of uncertainty and fall on the eclipsed mind, dispelling its darkness. This dispelling may be momentary, yet the euphoria of the moment makes it seem like eternity.

Subtle Surrender

Put a frog in a frying pan and gradually turn the heat up very slowly and watch as the frog fries right to the pan and never even realizes his life was in jeopardy. I believe that’s what America has become… that frog. Our freedoms are systematically being withdrawn from us and we don’t even sense a thing. A big issue has come to light about companies saying ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Seasons Greetings’, but the word Christmas is being placed in that frying pan. The groups of people that want the existence of Christ removed from American culture are probably a very small group, but they have influence and are financially fixed to make the fleecing of America happen. Remove church, remove moral right or wrong, remove the existence of Christ birth as nothing but a windfall for corporate America.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation – In Every Temptation Need to Pray

The obedience of faith is augmented never more than by prayer… The simplicity and power of faith resounds never more than by the act of prayer in the midst of temptation and danger. Prayer is a sure way to get through both.

Definition of The Elements of the Gospel

The definition of the 12 Elements of the Gospel is restorative teaching for the church. Find out how God defines the Elements as the spiritual foundation of your faith and why the elements are the building blocks of knowledge, the ABC’s of the New Covenant. Learn why the 12 Elements of the Gospel are called the language of faith. Study covers the Binary Law of the Elements as well as the Law of Reciprocation.

The Wonders of Remote Healing

Remote healing is no longer something new in our lives. Being inquisitive beings, human yearn venturing from the known to the unknown. Many years ago this method of healing in already in existence where many people seek help from healers even if they live on the other corner of the earth.

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