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How Enlightenment Resides In You

In Truth everyone is already enlightened. That experiential discovery of Truth IS enlightenment. We don’t have to chase it. Simply allowing what is, exposes the Truth. There is no “road to enlightenment” since a road would imply separation and some kind of distance to be traveled. Enlightenment therefore can be better understood as the discovery of what already is (rather than an accomplishment.) It’s not a destination where all our problems are solved but rather a shift in viewpoint where we can see that there are no problems.

How to Remove Negative Energy

It is crucial to remove negative energy as an essential part of our everyday lives in order to maintain our state of mind and to stay happy. However, negative energy is a negative aura that surrounds us, creating grief, depression and numerous setbacks for us if we don’t act fast to ward it off from our bodies.

Delve Into Paranormal Surroundings – Intense Spirit And Psychic Mediums

Mediums have extraordinary powers that can easily assist them to unite with individuals to resolve their problems or to converse with the dead. Psychic and holy mediums are very sought-after experts and it is extremely exciting to ascertain the method they work following the supernatural and spiritual lanes. Since several decades, mediums have played significant tasks in the lives of normal human beings.

Grace Under Fire

Do you sometimes feel like you’re under fire, constantly trying to avoid a relentless stream of problems? You might be so used to it that it’s become “normal,” but here’s an important point regarding life: difficulties are inevitable – your response is a choice.

Wisdom – Spiritual Riches I

Of course, it isn’t about knowing the theory of wisdom, it is about reshaping one’s beliefs to harmonise with this Logic of God. And when a person starts out on that path, that’s when he finds just how much he has been alienating himself from the Truths of God’s wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Prov 2 and Prov 8 are particularly good for a description of and the benefits surrounding Wisdom. And also the level of dedication it takes to attain her company and blessing. Nothing short of your complete commitment will yield these returns. Total alignment – and once aligned…the rest follows.

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