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God’s Holy City the New Jerusalem

In the biblical book of Revelation we read that God’s holy city, the “New Jerusalem”, descends from heaven. How does this relate to Israel?

How To Appreciate That You Will Die

Unfortunately most people don’t live their life in accordance with these two principles. They tend to think that they have 100% control over situations and that things never change. To illustrate this point you only have to look at this life. You don’t stay young forever, friendships, relationships change over time as well. And we are certainly not on this earth forever. Eighty or ninety years if your lucky, sometimes less. Yet people live their life as if they are going to be here forever and that things will never change. And worse still, you don’t even know when you are going to die. It could be tomorrow, it could be in 40 years time. And that is impermanence in action. Through appreciating the principles of impermanence and interdependence and realising that you will eventually die one day makes you look at the world in a slightly different way. It definitely impacts on how we respond to the ups and downs of this world, learning not to take them to heart as much. Instead to look at the bigger picture.

A Response to the “You Know Its a Myth” Campaign

I recently read an article about a series of billboards which question Christian beliefs, posted in Florida, Ohio, and New Jersey by American Atheists. The signs prominently feature pictures of Jesus, Santa Claus, and devil images, and ask, “what myths do you see?” According to American Atheists, the purpose of the campaign is not to attack Christians but to encourage them to ask themselves why one god is different from goods they call myths.

Apostles Today: How To Gage Your Spiritual Growth in Today’s Spiritual Industrial Age

God has given to His church apostles today as a gift to help the church gage spiritual growth. When the pattern of God’s sanctified stewardship was lost by neglect, then Satan replaces the original with a placebo. Under this spell people established their own doctrinal standards by the plastic shekel. Throw away those evil tokens and put on Jesus Christ.

Going From Knowledge to Wisdom

This article looks at how to turn the knowledge we have into God’s wisdom that can govern our lives. The Old Testament Tabernacle is used as an equation to illustrate the relation between information.

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