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Judgments of Conscience

The Spirit of God never forces anyone to change. There must be willingness within the vessel for the Holy Spirit to agree, and to cohabit. This must occur at the level of the conscience; convicted against its own things; mortified by its own contempt of its Maker; an agreement that the seared conscience must now be tenderised by the Word and will of God – that it will be subject to truth.

Christmas Message to Remind You of the Importance of Purity and Quality of Love

Love can be expressed in many ways. Love can be measured in many ways. True love includes first of all love toward all. Love toward all is shown and proved by your daily work. Daily work is your contribution to the well-being of all mankind, all humanity and all creation.

The Eternal Word For Life

Christians commonly look for a good word in due season; it is a prophetic utterance that speaks over their lives for a period, for purpose, to guide them along their way. These ‘words’ are Bible verses or passages, or they may be delivered, specifically, by believers with the prophetic gift. What is said above, from the ancient book of Exodus, that which is a refrain (verses 4:23; 8:1; 8:20; 9:1; 9:13; 10:3; 10:7), is an Eternal Word. All other seasonal words may simply complement this one underpinning Word.

The Scary Truth About Your Subconscious Mind: 4 Examples

The power of the human mind is astonishing. Try as you might, you aren’t really in control of your subconscious mind which greatly influences your behavior.

You Are The Greatest Gift for Christmas

I just love Christmas and all the trimmings. The lights, smell of good food, and the presents under the tree. There is something very special for you this year.

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