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Celebrating Diwali in Copenhagen

Article is about the celebration of Diwali, Hindu festival of light 2011 at the Hare Krishna Tempel in Copenhagen. It describes the atmospheres of the event from a cultural and spiritual point of view.

All Our Actions Have a Consequence

I often see news stories about senseless bashings of innocent victims by drunken or drugged groups of youths and people being killed for little or no reason, along with cases of the elderly being fleeced of their savings by heartless individuals posing as home repair men and countless other similar vicious acts. These sorts of things have always occasionally happened, but not as frequently and many of the young people involved now include girls.

Spiritual Multiplication – The Jan Tyranowski Story

What is the power of one man dedicated to spiritual multiplication? Let the story of Jan Tyranowski show you what’s possible for anyone who commits to living holiness and to forming others to be holy also…

Real Communion – Getting the Most Out of Receiving the Eucharist

Most Catholics receive the Eucharist without enjoying a real communion with Jesus. Have you been there before? Here’s how to stop being bored and fall in love (again) with Jesus really present in the Eucharist…

There’s Something About Mary

One of the secrets of the interior life very few people will tell you about is True Devotion to Mary. Yet if you get this one nailed down, almost everything else will fall into place, almost as if by a miracle.

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