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How Important Are Holy Chants in Life?

In Hinduism, it is often believed that holy chants are great source of peace and calmness. Listening to verses at any time of the day can bring harmony to the environment. It is believed that it results in smooth functioning and implementation of work without any distractions.

When to Close the Door – Vocational Discernment

Have you been discerning you vocation for a long time? Do you feel a certain attraction to the ideal of religious life, but never felt at peace anywhere? How do you know when it’s time to stop looking at religious life and start pursuing marriage?

The ‘Living Dead’ Among Us

Take a walk through your local mall and look at the expressionless faces of the multitudes. Notice the emptiness in their eyes. These are outward expressions of an inward emptiness, people without spirits, without souls.

Wealth, Worth and Word – Defining Our True Value

How do we define our wealth, our worth? In monetary terms? Fame? Fortune? Status? Isn’t there more to our worth than the mere accumulation of money and things? What about the promises we make and the words we speak? Do not they have more worth than the accumulation of dollars?

Is Tai Chi A Religion or Religious Practice?

Too many rumors still surround the philosophies and practices of the Orient. With the proliferation of Eastern philosophies and groups that teach Eastern-based arts, it’s getting hard to tell the difference between a pure, traditional practice of tai chi, or the few modern eastern groups that are more religious and even cult-like in their practices based on Eastern arts. Pure, traditional tai chi originated in China as a martial art and energy development under the philosophical – not religious – influence of Taoism. As the lines get blurred, it’s more and more important for people to do their research before making erroneous accusations about tai chi being a religious practice.

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