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Right-Minded Thinking in a Wrong-Minded World

Right-minded thinkers choose to listen to the Voice for God, the Holy Spirit. For them, this world of time and illusions ends altogether. Wrong-minded thinkers listen to their ego and make their illusions real. In reality, both thinkers see illusions, but right-minded thinkers simply overlook and forgive that which has never happened. In every moment, we have the choice to invite the Holy Spirit to correct our mistakes, our wrong-minded thinking, and allow us to experience the peace of God.

Are We Separate or Not?

Are we separate, we human beings? Or, is A Course in Miracle correct? Is there an invisible thread which connects us so completely that if we could only see it we would never think we are alone? Would we ever feel lonely again? Would we laugh at the idea that we are unique or special in any way either individually or as a partner in a relationship?

Give the Gift of Prayer This Year

I don’t know about you, but every year I struggle with finding the perfect gift for my family and friends. It is almost a mission to seek out the right gift balancing between the person’s needs, wants, and talents. When the right gift is discovered it is pure joy to watch them open it and it is in moments like that when it is truly better to give then to receive.

False Prophecy and True

This, 2 Peter 2:1, is a very hard word – but each of us needs to hear it, both as a receiver, because we may hear false words, and as a purveyor, by the way we may distribute false words. This is such a serious issue it’s the predominant focus of the latter New Testament.

Creating Peace With Relatives During the Holidays

For some reason we allow the demands and expectations of family members to be the source of unhappiness and stress. Most people dread November and December for this reason. For years I secretly wanted to escape to a far-off, sunny island where I could just be myself and not think about or care what my relatives where thinking or saying. Instead, each year I would bustle with false joviality through the holidays, determined that it was this year that would be merry.

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