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Orthodox Clergy Vestments and Clergy Shirts

Every member of the Orthodox Church, be it the minister, the priest and the bishop, needs the right tools and vestments to carry out his ministry. Clergy vestments and clergy shirts need not be expensive or designer works; in fact the focus of these clothes should be more on representing the prayers that the clergy says as he puts on each item of the church vestments. These prayers are taken from the Psalm and represent thanks to the Almighty for providing “Garments of salvation” and “Robes of Gladness”.

What About Dryness? 3 Tips

Any Christian who takes his spiritual life seriously will experience dryness from time to time. The question is: what do you do about it? Here are 3 tips from the spiritual masters for dealing with dryness…

What Are Chakras?

So what are chakras? Chakras can be termed as wheel from the Sanskrit because of the way energy moves in the body. Because we are talking about the body, let us expand the concept.

What Is an Out of Body Experience? (TRUE Spiritual Liberation!)

Are OBE’s real? How can we tell if an out of body experience is authentic, rather than simply a byproduct of an overactive imagination? What are the features of an out of body experience? Are they COMMON, or do they happen so rarely as to be impossible to study or truly understand?

The Earth Grid and the Future Dimensional Reality

On Nov. 3rd and 4th 2011, a new Earth grid system locked into a new positioning. The Earth grid is the replica of the human brain and this is what allows humans to have a human or a 3D experience. Do you realize that changing the grid system means that the configuration of your human brain is changing? Your human brain will now be able to recognize the new paradigm or anything that is configured according to the universal design!

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