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Ascension and Difficult Family Relationships

A recent channeling of Hilarion confirmed my understanding of the lessons I have learned through the experiencing confusing, difficult and challenging circumstances in my immediate family. With this article, I hope to lessen the pain and confusion and to offer hope to those who are experiencing clashes, crises, and chaos in their own family systems.

Winter Solstice

Shorter days and colder nights signal the time is near for Winter Solstice. This occurs on December 22, 2012, and is the end of a 6 month journey that Mother Earth takes announcing the arrival of winter.

What Christmas Means to Me

Divorce is very hard when you have children. It is even harder when you are a very religious family that is filled with ministers and missionaries. But the hardest thing of all is when you discover you are a lesbian.

The Ordinary Birth of an Extraordinary Child – Christmas

The extraordinary was wrapped up in the ordinary birth events of Christ. This article throws a light on it.

Finding Your Intuition Through a Mandala: Sacred Geometry – The Blueprint of the Universe

Mandala is Sanskrit for circle or connection and is seen as a model for the structure of life itself. This ancient motif dates back around 6,000 years. Tibetans call mandalas “Architecture of Enlightenment,” a temple or a blueprint of the universe.

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