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What Is Inner Peace?

What is inner peace is a wonderful question to have because it leads you to such important discoveries! You are not likely to find anything more valuable than finding out more about inner peace for your work, your family, your income, your recognition, all rise and fall in their worth to you based upon your understanding and application of the answer to your question.

Enjoying Visions of Heaven

Enjoy life. Think of death. Appreciate the difference between the two; that neither is superior to the other. Yet, all meaning is to be validated, with a resounding finality, in a realm to come. Let us stretch forward with purpose until that day.

From Emptiness to Usefulness

The hope for an empty pot is to become useful. Lao Tzu said, “The usefulness of a pot comes from its emptiness.” Pots are formed with vacuums to be filled. They are symbolic shrines of thirst and longing for fullness or completeness.

Apostles Today – The Many Witnesses For Reform – The New Apostolic

Every season has its accompanying signs to confirm the tokens assigned to that time, as the singing of birds in the spring. In this new apostolic season God has given signs for church reform through apostles today. As the weather cools and the fur thickens on the beasts to prepare for the winter so God by dreams and visions warned of the coming apostolic season for the church to prepare themselves to behold the face of the Lord. This is the spiritual mating season.

Spiritual Progress and Development Can Be Conscious or Subconscious

Spiritual progress toward God union can be subconscious guided by karma. Learning from trial and error, from pain or joy experienced as a result of our actions and decisions. More effective however is the conscious choice of learning and applying solutions of love and dissolving in divine love all your selfish methods of causing pain or troubles to others.

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