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The Joy of Inspired Living

To have true joy and passion for living we must be inspired. The greatest source of this inspiration is found in the Bible. It is really a letter from God, telling of his great love for mankind. We do not have to find self-esteem from our own abilities, but from the assurance from God we are precious to him. Jesus called believers the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

The Power of the Spirit Resides in Each of Us

Within each of us resides a spirit power that is as real as anything on the material plane. This spirit power helps us connect to the great Divine, and it guides us on our path in life. We can be open to the spirit power and listen to its wise words, or completely closed to it and never even know it exists. Many people are like this.

The Power of Spirituality

Look, I’m no psychiatrist, but I am about to save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in professional fees, right now. We’re going to skip over the search for the mysterious deep-seated reasons you don’t take care of yourself, why you are always the last one on your list, why you respond to everyone else’s needs but exclude your own, and why your work takes precedence over your life. Let’s skip the arduous self-analysis and get right to the solution.

The Balance in Wholeness

People who live fragmented lives hope for wholeness. They may not realize it, but a hope for wholeness is a hope for balance and variety. The creative work of living a whole, healthy life requires learning how to find balance in life, and balance requires variety, the spice of life.

A Tap Is Worth a Thousand Words

It’s the EMOTIONAL Freedom Technique, not the Mind Chatter Freedom Technique, or the I-Have-to-Know-What-To-Say Freedom Technique… it’s about the emotions. And, as we know, when the emotions are highest, that’s when it’s most powerful.

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