Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 858? ๐ŸŒŒ The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 858 ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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Why Not Try God?

There are some that flatly refuse all notions of God, let alone Divine help. But God often sets himself upon these to make the case irrepressibly compelling. Many have come to salvation through exhaustion to pigheadedness; then they found the Lord not only utterly tolerable, they asked “How did I win such a reprieve?” and “How did I ever live beforehand without this Lord?”

Cherishing Every Eternal Being

Far removed from the glamour and compunction of clinging humanity is the spectre of God as it surrounds all creation; yes, from this view we see all things differently. We hardly think of other people, or ourselves for that matter, as being from, or of, eternity; but from God we came, and to God we will soon go.

Life With the Holy Spirit

One Power stands for all eternity in the holy establishment of life. Such a Power divulges power quietly, known as much to the heavens and all creation as it is within the mind of one. Such a quiet Power could, however, never be quantified… We must know that this Power for Life is the engine behind all generation and regeneration, as well as the revelation of all wisdom and sanctification of all worth. It is the power behind all things as much as it is a power that wishes to be for us, not against us.

Angels and Archangels

So many different religions and cultures talk about angels and archangels in all different shapes and forms. But of course there are no proofs that they exist and it is therefore a matter of belief. Some people believe that angels are here to serve and protect us, and others say they only serve heaven.

Unique Effective Prayers

Not having been raised with much understanding of how to pray, this is something I had to learn and practise upon joining the Church of Perfect Liberty (PL). Although at first I was quite skeptical about the benefits of praying, I soon found the PL prayers so effective I was simply blown away by the countless blessings I and my family received. It was certainly not something I had expected.

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