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What Is Life About?

Today, I read the Wikipedia article on the subject of the meaning of life. I was very surprised by how lengthy it is.

Building Your Spiritual Parthenon

Want to grow spiritually? You gotta have the right tools. The Spiritual Parthenon offers you a whole host of possibilities for growing in your spiritual life.

Virtue – The Heart of Discernment

I have been writing on Vocational Discernment. So far I’ve talked about how you are your vocation and the importance of daily meditation for knowing yourself better. Now I want to focus on virtue, the heart of discernment.

Balance – A Key for Vocational Discernment

Do you feel stuck as you seek the will of God for your life? One of the biggest obstacles to discerning your vocation is a lack of balance. Here’s a quick and easy way to find out if imbalance is holding you back and how to move forward with your discernment…

Free Your Heart – Discern Your Vocation

Vocation is all about freedom. To know it, to live it, you need freedom. Here’s how you can begin to get…

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