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Getting in Touch With Your Higher Self

When St Paul lamented his carnal, unspiritual nature saying that he continued to do things that he hated and did not do the good things he really desired to do, it was his higher self speaking. We all have such a self with aspirations and desires that align with God’s purposes.

Mantra Yoga/Japa – A Powerful Means For Energetic Expansion

Japa: translated means ‘Recitation”. It is the recitation of a mantra under the direction of a Guru or spiritual teacher. A mantra is a single or group of words usually in the Sanskrit language, their subtle tones quieten the mind and the energetic vibration creates a force field which penetrates the subtle bodies. This results in a refining of the practioner’s vibration and has a profound cleansing effect on the mind. Mantra Yoga performed as Japa is an extremely powerful and quick means to attain the perfection required in Lineage Yoga.

A Thanksgiving Day Spiritual Practice

If your goal is happiness, then Thanksgiving Day is the most important day of the year. If gratitude is the most important spiritual practice we can adopt to bring happiness and joy into our lives, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could turn Thanksgiving Day into a daily spiritual practice?

Enter Into the Spirit of Thanksgiving

What if we were to each extend random acts of blessing to people we meet on a daily basis? I have the wonderful opportunity to do music therapy in nursing homes. When I hand musical instruments to residents and I see the joy on their faces as they play the sticks, the bells, and the maracas, I know that they have been blessed.

Should the Bible Be Interpreted Literally?

Recently, I was visited by Jehovah’s Witnesses and, unlike many people, I usually have a decent chat with them on the doorstep. I suppose I can recall about three separate occasions over the years when we have had such conversations.

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