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The Prayer of Belief

There are, indeed, many forms of prayer, and presuming an object of prayer, perhaps many gods. Everyone prays, for everyone hopes, and all souls speak in words, to varying gods, of ecstasy and anguish and many emotions between. The prayer of belief, in present sight, is prayed before the Father, in Jesus’ name – the object of our worship. The prayer of belief, also, presumes right position and right method.

The Glory of God

It is critical that we remain close to the glory of God. The glory is God’s splendor, honor, and power. Where the manifestation of God’s glory is, miracles have taken place; lives have been resurrected; people have been healed, delivered, and set free. The glory is the aftermath. In order to see God’s glory manifested in our lives, there are some prerequisites. We must submit to the will of God. We must pursue God despite our afflictions. We must stay away from self glory. Please find out how your life can change tremendously by reading this article.

Undecided About Career Direction? Follow These Tips For Peace of Mind

One of the most common questions we receive is “What should I do for my career?” Here are four tips if you don’t know what to do for a career.

Recognizing the Patterns in Your Life!

How do you react when trouble comes your way? How do you cope when friends betray you? What do you do when your talents and gifts go unrecognized? You may react in a number of ways. You may decide that maybe God does not love you. You may get bitter and plan vengeance on your enemies. You may carry a grudge and be a foul smelling aroma wherever you go or you may even decide to give up hope, thinking that all is lost. We all know these are inappropriate and unproductive ways of dealing with life issues. When we react in this manner, it only leads to pain and regret in the long run. So the question is, how should we cope with our troubles and how should we interpret these “patterns” that God brings and allows to show up in our lives.

Breaking Free From Bondage

One day at a time, and each liveable moment, we are pressed with decisions: right way or wrong way. The Holy Spirit empowers us, one decision at a time. We can break free from any wrong way as we trust our momentary obedience to God.

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